How did we get here?


The Funky Monk - What’s his story?


nce upon a time, around the year 1400, there lived a man named Brother John. His life was the stuff of legends—born ahead of his time, he revelled in the pleasures of life with boundless enthusiasm. His spirited escapades were the talk of the town, and to prevent a scandal of epic proportions, he was "heavily persuaded" to join the Benedictine Monks.

Brother John embraced this new chapter with gusto, though his cheeky disposition remained. Despite his vows, his rebellious nature shone through in delightful ways. As the Funky Monk, he brought music to the congregation, believing wholeheartedly in the adage that "God is a DJ." He crafted his own moonshine, a bold twist on the traditional mead.

His zest for life and wild passion made him a beloved figure among the people, even if his peers viewed him with a mix of admiration and exasperation. Brother John wore the tattoos of his pre-monk days with pride, flaunted his unconventional attire beneath his robes, and indulged in art, literature, and culture that extended far beyond the typical monkish fare. Many of these eclectic influences still adorn The Funky Monk today, a testament to his enduring legacy.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Brother John as you explore Durham's historical treasures. From the awe-inspiring Durham Cathedral and the enchanting Castle to the picturesque riverbanks and bustling marketplaces, the city's charm is matched only by the unique experience awaiting you at The Funky Monk.

So come, enjoy your stay. Embrace the history, relish the luxury, and let the spirit of Brother John guide your adventures in this remarkable city.


About Us

The Funky Monk is for the cheeky, the fun, the escapist, the luxurious. Each apartment is a destination in its
own right, putting the fun in funky, and deserves to be stayed in, to be lived in - Funky Monk style.
Located in Durham city centre, our eclectic range of luxurious, serviced apartments are perfect for curious
travellers, overnight escapers & weekend staycayers.

What The Funk?
Your own luxury apartment, with a living room, kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.
With service when needed, and local advice when wanted.

Find Us:
Durham City Centre, 4 minute walk from the train station
Less than 15 minutes on the train to Newcastle
7 minute walk to bars/restaurants & shops in Durham
Parking information: on street parking available (requires payment upon arrival)